Oh, October:)

Swirly leaves and crisp mornings and dramatic clouds, evenings that call for tea, apples on the counter — as always, fall conspires to steal my heart. And gosh, what a crazy beautiful fall this year.

It’s impossible not to take the long way everywhere. Work at the zoo via Riverview Cemetery and Council Crest? Back home via Northwest Portland, the Willamette River, and Sellwood? Sellwood via Milwaukie or Gladstone? Home via St Johns or a stop in Woodlawn to see a dear friend?

Mr October“Mr October,” someone’s random art installation, giving away his free fall flowers (on the bucket) and apples (in the bag)

Any destination, no matter how close, is an excuse to stretch an errand into an excursion, taste the wind and feel the sun or sometimes the rain on my face, dodge the squirrels with their last-ditch nut-scurrying, be out in the world in this glorious weather transition.

portland nursery apple festival(and what says fall like crazy clouds coexisting with lovely sunshine at the Portland Nursery Apple Tasting Festival?:)

This is a magical time in Portland. And I hope you, dear reader, are getting a chance to enjoy it too. Even if you’re not in Portland:) Trust me. Take a little detour. Go a little slower and smile at the other people out and about on these amazing days. It’s totally worth it.

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