Ode to Feet

Feet are pretty amazing things. Without even being scientific about it, they do so much for you. They carry you. They take the brunt of your weight. They somehow manage to flex and bend, they have padding and structure, they get tougher if you use them bare.

Samuel Boardman feet

They’re thick enough to protect you even without shoes, yet they still give you sensory information. With the help of some leg muscles and a whole bunch of forces and counterforces that border on the miraculous, they propel you through the world.

San Juan Island feet

I’m pretty into feet. Not the way you’re thinking, you weird foot-fetishists (don’t get me started on some of the stuff that comes up if you just do an internet search for “feet are awesome”). But purely in a functional sense, I’m way psyched on feet. And today, it’s time to be thankful for them. Thank you, feet, for being wonderful, functional, weird-looking but beautiful pieces of humanity; thank you for making adventure possible.

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