Gladys Bikes: Walking the Walk

That’s right. Gladys Bikes, the super awesome shop that (among other things) authored this Valentine’s Day bike love, is moving to NE Alberta and 29th…

Gladys bikes move

…and today, they did it by bicycle!

This was the first bike move I’ve been to, and I showed up to a glorious mess of people with all manner of trailers, baskets, racks, panniers, and everything in between. A few of them I knew. Some I recognized. Many I’d never seen before, yet there we all were, united in the purpose of moving everything via human power from Gladys Bikes the old to Gladys Bikes the new. Everyone was friendly, helpful, smiling, working together: a mini confederacy risen from nowhere, brought together for something larger than any one of us. If there were ever a doubt that bicycles can help create community, a move by bicycle is the definitive proof otherwise.

Plus, how rad is it that Gladys Bikes, a bike shop, can call on an ad hoc community of other people on bikes to move all their stuff that helps them get more people on bikes? A virtuous loop, if you will, and a classic example of a business putting into practice what they preach. Bicycles can be recreation, transportation, utility, and Gladys Bikes totally put its faith in that to get itself to its new location. Awesome.

They’ll be closed for a few weeks while they get everything up and running in their new spot, but check out their facebook page for information about when they’re open again–and then help welcome them to their new neighborhood!


  1. Are those the saddle library people you told me about?

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