Introducing my excellent new bikey:)

Ladies and gentlemen: this has been a few years in the scheming, but finally, here it is–my new bikey.

soma double cross disc(hell yeah!!)

It’s a Soma Double Cross–steel, which I’m excited about–with disc brakes, which I’m also pretty excited about. I intend this to be my new travel and crap-weather bike, a bike with racks and carrying capacity and a little more heft (and a lot more fender clearance;) than my racey Trek.

I’ve been riding it for just shy of a week now, and it is amazing. Of course, any new bike is going to feel amazing, but still:) It’s exactly what I wanted out of a bike–which makes sense, since Mark at Upcycles helped me build it up from the frame. (A huge thank you to Upcycles for ordering the frame for me, finding all the parts I wanted, and giving up basically a whole Sunday to have a bike-building party with me. Super solid.)

So far, it’s done me pretty well in this crazy snowstorm we’re having, too:) The tires are only a little wider than on my Trek, but they feel way more solid in the slippery. A good omen.

I am seriously so excited about this bicycle. I cannot wait to take it on tour. And everywhere else too:) Is it too early to start thinking about better-weather bike adventures yet?? Who wants to go for a ride?? :)

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