Intro rando ride, anyone??

It’s time! If you’ve ever been curious about randonneuring, if you’ve ever wanted to ride around Washington county, if you just want a lovely joyride on what looks to be a fairly decently-weathered Saturday, this is for you:

banks-vernonia trail(last year’s same ride)

The 8th annual Verboort Sausage Populaire!

This Saturday! 9am! 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) around Forest Grove, Timber, Vernonia, and Banks, and ending at–yes–the Verboort Sausage Fest. (okay, they call it the “Verboort Sausage Dinner” on their website, but with a raffle, beer garden, bingo, and a shit-ton of sausage, you know it’s a festival;)

Come on, everyone! 100 kilometers is totally an approachable distance. The start in Forest Grove is not super far from the MAX line. 9am is not that early on a weekend. You don’t need to be fast. You don’t need to have a fancy bike. If you show up in your post-Halloween costume, I will give you a giant high five.

Even James, who is not into long-distance riding, did it with me last year and survived quite nicely:

black bear coffee(you, too, could be this excited about life!:)

It’s going to be awesome!! Sign up (here)! Come ride it with me! Yay!!

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  1. Have fun! I was going to do it (which would have made my third Verboort in a row) but work conspired against me. And I’m going to be riding many of the same roads tomorrow and Wednesday…

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