200k Scavenger Hunt tomorrow!

I know, this is sort of last minute, but TOMORROW! The weather looks to be perfect for biking, and the Oregon Randonneurs are putting on a 200k scavenger hunt!

No, you won’t be looking for prizes per se, but you will be looking for information to prove that you were in the right spot at the right time. And it ends with a giant potluck!

More info here. It starts at 7 just off of the MAX line, so it’s even a civilized start:)

I’ll be out there–will any of you??:)


  1. I had my own non-randonneuring ride on Saturday. It went well. How did the ride go?
    (And 7am is a civilised start?) ;-)

    • It was awesome!! I’m about to write about it… (heh–and yes, 7 IS civilized for a rando ride! I didn’t even have to get up until 5:20 or so! Way better than already being biking at 5:20!:)

      I saw your pictures–your ride looks like an amazing way to take advantage of a fantastic day! (Actually, if my ride hadn’t been yesterday, I would have come to yours–assuming no one would have laughed at my lack of shellac and seersucker:)

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