This is not pavement

I don’t want to sound like Ms-I’m-so-entitled here, but it really annoys me when roads are paved like this:

lame pavement

This is not exactly bike friendly. Granted, at least that part way off to the right is sort of pavement, but the super-groovy, rattles-your-bones, collects-all-the-glass sort of pavement we’re talking here is killer to bike on. Which means, of course–and I don’t want to speak for everyone here, but definitely for me–that I end up biking way on the left side of the “bike lane,” basically out in traffic. Especially when the crap pavement encroaches on the white line as it does in this picture as the road nears the horizon.

When I bike that far left on a road that seemingly has such a huge shoulder I know that I’m pissing some people off. I know that they’re wondering why the heck bikers won’t stay in the darn lanes meant for them. I know that I’m putting myself at more risk.

But seriously. That is not pavement.

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