Family bike adventures!

I guess that title’s somewhat misleading, since I’m not actually taking a bike adventure with my family. BUT my brother is currently on a bike adventure, and it makes me super happy. Kind of irrationally happy.

My brother’s a professional athlete, but he generally sticks to rock climbing. So of course this trip of his definitely involves climbing–but this time rather than driving between climbs, he and his friend are biking between them. I know it’s not entirely because of me or anything, but I can’t help but feel that I at least planted a seed at some point.

Either way, I’m super proud of my little bro. Awww.

alex bikey

I poached this picture from his travel buddy Cedar Wright’s instagram–you can find the original here. But how rad is that? They’re traveling to and climbing all the “14ers” (the mountains whose peaks are at least 14,000 feet above sea level) in CA and I’m so psyched for their adventure. AND if all goes well, I may even be able to join them for the tail end of their trip. Which would make it actually a family bike adventure. Which would be amazing.

Go Alex! :)

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