Curious about Randonneuring? I’ve got a Pedalpalooza ride (and workshop) for you!

mckenzie pass(You too can ride miles and miles and miles and enjoy it!)

Perhaps you already know a lot about randonneuring (which, despite the picture, is not really done with a trailer). Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you know a little bit.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, I’ve got two lovely Pedalpalooza events I’d love you to come to, either as an intro to, a refresher of, or just another fix for the lovely sport of Randonneuring.


1. Intro to Randonneuring Free Workshop! June 12 (Wednesday), 6:30pm, Velo Cult

This will be a happy little laid-back chat about what randoneuring is. Mostly, it’s spawned from my own experience of starting out with this crazy awesome sport and really having no idea what I was doing. Let me save you from my experience of bumbling around like an idiot. Let me explain what all those French words like “brevet,” “contrôle,” “flèche,” or “lanterne rouge” mean.

Some French-speaking, beer-drinking (if you want. It’s Velo Cult, after all:), mingling, and other exciting things are all on tap. Come hang out with me and get psyched about biking for miles and miles and miles:)


2. Randopalooza! June 15 (Saturday), 9:30am, starts at Velo Cult then heads all over town

Once you’re good and psyched about long-distance biking, this is a chance actually to test out randonneuring on either a 50k or 100k (about 30 or 60 mile) route all around Portland. I’ve been working with two lovely fellows by the name of Ed Groth and Shawn Granton to plan this ride, and Ed and I took advantage of a sunny Wednesday last week to test the 100k route. Not to give too much away, but you might see things like this:

Mt Hood-Marine Drive

And you might also find yourself in a place like this (which I’d never been before this ride!) :

I-84 bike path

Just don’t follow Ed’s example. Wear a helmet;)

It’s going to be an awesome ride, even if you’re already super familiar with Portland bike routes and paths. And if you’re curious about randonneuring–which is, after all, different from basically any other organized ride you’ve ever been on–it’ll be a really nice way to get a feel for it without having to commit to ridiculous numbers of miles:) Come out on Saturday!

(And if you need some more pictures to make up your mind, I have a few more preview shots of the ride here.)

I know there are twenty million things going on in life (and in Pedalpalooza, if you’re one of those people who tries to get in every single ride;), but I’d love to see you for one or both of these events. Especially the ride–get out there and get after it!


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