In which stasia carries lots of stuff to the zoo

Today was the first day of what I fondly call “hauling season” at work: the season in which I schlep whole shit-tons of heavy objects to the zoo.

trek n burley(Today on the way to work through Washington Park, Burley in tow:)

For the next few weeks, most of my haul will be copious amounts of food. (Such is the hazard of working with teenagers: they eat a LOT. And I carry it all up to the zoo for them:)

Then after a few weeks of food haul, our trainings will end and my trailer load will shift to full-on camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, clothes–everything necessary to take kids camping over the summer. This is partly why work is so awesome. My commute through gorgeous Washington Park, complete with a trailer full of camping gear, makes me feel every time like I’m embarking on adventure, not simply going to a job. Not to mention that taking the full Burley up the hill, over and over, makes for some pretty good hill-climbing legs.

So even though the first year I worked here I sort of grumbled about carrying all this stuff up the hill to the zoo, I’ve come to look forward to it. Bring on the hauling season:)

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