This Saturday: 100k Populaire–do it!!

What are you doing at 9am on Saturday? Nothing? Come ride Ricky’s Populaire through Washington County with the Oregon Randonneurs!

It’s sure to be a lovely ride, and at about 62 miles, 100k is a great intro distance to randonneuring–to long-distance, unsupported, non-competitive cycling, that is.

This will not be your average bike event. It only costs $5 to register, the people there will be friendly, and there’s much less of the my-bike-is-cooler-than-yours-and-come-to-think-of-it-I’m-cooler-than-you-too bullshit posturing that you find at a lot of those giant benefit bike rides or organized centuries. (Not to say that people won’t be really excited about their bikes, of course, just that they’re less likely to look down on you if your bike isn’t like theirs;)

You can also get pretty close to the start by taking the MAX. Just sayin’ :)

It was only a year ago that I tried a populaire and got totally sucked into this wonderful, friendly sport of biking really far on beautiful roads where it doesn’t matter if you’re fast or not. I wish I could be there for this one (sadly, I’ll be at work), but I’m hoping that a few of you guys at least will do it–especially you ladies, actually, since randonneuring, like much biking, could do with more women.

Let me know so I can enjoy it vicariously! I’m super jealous! :)

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