The cherries, they are a bloomin’ :)

It may not be that warm or even that consistently sunny yet. But. The daffodils, camellias, and cherry blossoms all say it’s time for spring.

waterfront cherry blossom(Not sunny. Not warm. But–flowers!! And the steel bridge)

I’ll admit that I’ve been finding an excuse to bike past the waterfront cherry blossoms every day since Thursday of last week, and they’re just now getting to the point where most of the buds are in bloom. Give them maybe two more days and it’ll be spectacular.

Of course, the forecast for the next two days doesn’t look particularly amazing, but somehow cold, clouds, and rain are so much easier to bear when they outline glimpses of sun and the scent of flowers.

west hills daffodils(what says happiness like a daffodil?:)

If you’re in Portland, I’d definitely recommend a waterfront bike-by if you can swing it. If you can’t, it turns out that there are cherry blossoms all over the city right now, so you’re in luck. Just bike down random streets until you find some:)

And while you’re at it on that little (or big) bike of yours, remember to take advantage of the fact that you’re outside. Use that nose. Breathe deeply, and even if you don’t see them I bet you’ll notice, every so often, that you just biked past some flowers. Daphne, maybe, or hyacinths, or Japanese andromeda–any of the plethora of things perfuming the air right now.

washington park flowers(these aren’t fragrant, but I see them every day on the way to work and they make me so happy:)

Aww. James makes fun of me because I always say this no matter what the season or how crazy the weather, but I love it right now! So exciting, this sense of beginning, of anything being possible!

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