A bikeless adventure…?

Well, everyone. I’m about to head off for two weeks of adventure, and here’s the crazy part: I’m not biking there, I’m not taking my bike at all, and I don’t even have any set plans to bike. What?!?

Honestly, I’m not sure how I’ll hold up. heh. Luckily, I’ll be meeting my mom and some of her friends in Bend/Smith Rock to go climbing, and I’m sure as heck bringing my running shoes. And I’ll go to California to see a really good high school friend as well as my family (including a new baby cousin I haven’t met yet!:). And I’ll be taking lots of mass transit in between everything, which always makes for good adventure. So it’s all fun things, but it’ll be a little crazy to not have my bike at all–if nothing else just for the sense of being able to get around that it affords me.

So if you don’t hear from me much for a bit, it’s because I’m slowly going insane without enough exercise or freedom to get places on a whim.

Heh. Yes, I suppose it’s possible that I should just get over myself. But two weeks is seriously a really long time for me not to ride. Hopefully the rock climbing and running will keep me sane.

What about you guys? What do you do when you’re not biking?


  1. Oh, Stasia… we miss your posts! Though it is rare for me to leave a reply, I am ever anticipating bicycling and life tidbits from you.

    Maybe we’ll see one another on a ride sometime soon. Until then…

    • aw, thanks, Jim! Funny that I saw your comment just as I was finally getting to this blog:) I’ll be back in Portland and writing for real again soon–until then, I hope that teaser post about my aunt’s bike will tide you over;)

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