Foolproof 10-step way to make your day better

1. Take the looooong way home on the Marine Drive bike path, along the Columbia River, on a sunny day. Watch the various waterfowl swim and dive along the shore.

2. Come up on an older fellow also biking along the path; cheerily call out “on your left!” and smile at him as you pass.

3. Slow down to his speed to hear him ask you how to get back to downtown Portland while still staying along the river as long as possible. Note that he’s from Vancouver, BC and is simply out for a joyride like you are.

4. Start to describe the optimum path for him to follow, and then realize it’d be a lot easier just to show him.

5. Tell him that if he doesn’t mind, you’ll just bike along with him to show him the way. Note his face break into a giant grin as he agrees.

6. Escort him westward along Marine Drive, navigating the crazy tangle of bike paths near the freeway, going past Smith and Bybee Lakes on a lovely water-ful ride.

7. As you bike, listen to him tell you with pride about his three children. Point out interesting things that you bike past and otherwise get pretty excited about how awesome biking around Portland is.

8. When you ultimately get to the intersection of Willamette and Interstate, make sure he knows how to get back to downtown before you split up so you can go to the Community Cycling Center to get new tires for your trailer. Before you split ways, shake hands and wish each other pleasant journeys.

9. Just before he heads down the hill, hear him tell you that this escort is exactly what he thinks makes Portland so awesome. Give him a giant smile and a thank you.

10. Head your separate way to get your trailer tires, super psyched that you totally made someone’s day.

And voila! A good day made instantly better:)  I totally recommend it.

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