South Lake Tahoe!!!

Well folks, I made it safely to Tahoe yesterday evening. The first order of business was of course to jump in the lake for a celebratory swim, but now I’m settling in for a few days of summer Tahoe lounging while I camp on the beach. Rough life, huh? :)

The ride here was so far beyond amazing I will never be able to describe it. And since I’m just using internet at the public library I can’t post any teaser pictures yet. But don’t worry. I have about 10 zillion photos to choose from once I land somewhere where I can get them off my camera and into the cyberworld. Stay tuned.

Of course there was the day where I not only flattened my tire, twice, and broke a spoke on my wheel, and was honked and yelled at by a woman who actually pulled over her car to stop and yell at me more, and spent the better portion of the day trying not to be squished by logging trucks–of course there was that day. But for that day, I had so many more that were simply amazing, so many moments on this trip where I was absolutely overwhelmed by how lucky I am to be alive and biking through this lovely, lovely world. (Can anyone say biking around Crater Lake and through Lassen National Park? Oh my gosh.) More to come:)

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