It may not be over 60 degrees yet, but it sure looked like springtime yesterday! (and I might–just might–have taken my shoes off and let my toes get reacquainted to unadulterated ground.)

Those trees, of course, are the amazing cherry blossoms along the downtown waterfront, with the Steel Bridge making a cameo in the background. I spent a good few hours here yesterday doing some reading and taking in the loveliness.

It’s been really hard for me to pick the best of the 51 pictures I somehow took, even with selection assistance from James. With trees like these and a day like yesterday, you really can’t go wrong:)

So for your viewing pleasure, a few sketches of spring:

I kind of thought of that last woman as my secret soulmate, since she was also there with her bike, reading the afternoon away.

Like I said, I took approximately five millions (or 50;) pictures yesterday, so if you have a particular yearning for more springtime, just ask. I’ll be more than happy to deliver cherry blossoms and sunshine to your mailbox:)


  1. Thanks for sharing your perfect afternoon and pictures of spring!! We’re still enjoying crocus and the daffodils are about ready to bloom. I LOVE SPRING!!!

  2. YAY! You’re coming into the best of it now! Winter will end after all!

    Do me a favor and keep some flowers around for when I see you in a few weeks!:)

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