farmers market time!

Oh, how I love the advent of farmers market season in Portland:

Exploding bouquets of brilliant flowers, bike baskets full of produce, greens greens greens everywhere, all sorts of little kiddos with all manner of food smeared on their faces, live music–there is nothing about the farmer’s market that fails to make me smile.

It’s still early in the season, but the Portland Farmer’s Market at Portland State is up and running; a few of their other locations are set to start in May. The Hollywood Farmer’s Market, the one I work (er, “volunteer”;) for, starts up in May as well (with a special sneak peek at what a winter market might look like this upcoming Saturday).

In a few weeks, the city will be exploding with produce!!

Seriously, except for Tuesdays, I think there’s a market every day of the week. This website, though not elegant, will give you information about all of the markets that happen in or around Portland. There’s almost a market for every neighborhood:)

Surely it will start getting warm soon–time to get out the bike trailer and pick up some veggies!:)

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