Bike Club!

Some of you may remember when I last wrote about the Community Cycling Center’s Bike Club, an after school program that allows kids from families of low income to earn their own bicycles. They just have to show up to the club every day for six weeks, learn all about the rules of the road–how to signal, where to be on the road, how to interact with other traffic–learn about basic maintenance (how to fix flat tires, lock their bikes, adjust their helmets, check their brakes, all that jazz), and then they get to keep the bike they’ve been working on the whole time. It’s a pretty amazing program, and it was so fricken awesome to help out with it last season.

Well, this season, I get to go back–as a paid employee for real this time, not a volunteer–and I get two bike clubs! That means that I’ll have a bunch of 4th and 5th graders from two different schools, all learning how to take care of and ride their new bicycles. I’m so psyched to help get all those kiddos out on the road!!


  1. This is a perfect job for you!!! Congrats! You will be a great role model, supporter and teacher for these kids.

    • Aw, thanks! It really is the best combination of teaching, awesome kiddos, and getting to be outside biking:) So excited!

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