Where’s stasia?

Lest you were concerned, my impending absence from this blog means not that I’ve been smooshed by a bus but that I’m in South America! This is not a bike trip, but it will sure be a transit and hiking trip! That’s all for now:)

The end

It’s been a good run, but tomorrow is the very last day, at least for the foreseeable future, that I take the Springwater path at ridiculous hours of the morning to get to work.   (I will definitely miss this part of the ride, even though it hasn’t been light …

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Enter winter, gently

These are the best days, the entree to winter: the cold, crisp, and dry days that appear miraculous between the rains, the days where the skies give up hints of blue between the clouds, where the mountains, unseen for days, come out again shockingly snow-covered, where the low, wintery sun …

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