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It is absolutely a travesty…

…if you don’t bike to work today–or at least get outside in some capacity.

Sunny? 85 degrees?? Light until 8; nice until later? Get after it, Portland!!

So fricken lovely!!

Oh my gosh. Can you believe how crazy gorgeous it is outside today?? (Those of you not in Portland: it’s crazy gorgeous here today!:)

This is the kind of day I never dare hope for come this time of year: super sunny, bright, everything shiny–heck, you can even see Mt Hood! It’s cold for sure, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to find every single excuse possible to be outside today:)

For sure I took a long run this morning, and the looooong way to work on my little bicicleta. I fricken love Portland right now!!:)

(And that’s enough exuberance for one post. I hope you’re all enjoying the weather too:)


A fall haiku for Portland:)

Leaves in the bike lane…

Wilshire Park leaves

Swift tires crunch through them, loud

ladds addition leaves

I’m glad they’re not wet

Fall biking:)

I love transition seasons. I love the unexpected downpours, the glaringly bright sunlight that follows, the rainbows, the way the whole world looks shiny and new, over and over. I love the nostalgia, the way the crisp air seems to sharpen everything, even my memories.

I love the impossible blue-sky days, every time maybe the last for the season.

womens forum(still blue in November!)

I love that every day is different, the world keeping me on my toes.

And as far as falls go, this fall with its dry days and unprecedented sunshine has been spectacular. Luckily, my job lets me be outside a lot, because it’s been really, really (really) hard to stay in.

crown point columbia river(who wants to stay inside when this sort of thing beckons?)

Every year when I think about impending winter, when I look at my full-fingered, bulky gloves, when I think about having to pack my rain pants and booties and jacket with me all the time, when I bemoan the constant drive-train cleaning in my future, I wonder how I got through it last year.

But then I remember. I’m seduced into it by days like this:

eugene willamette river path

And even misty, mysterious days like this:

misty fall spiderweb(it’s not only sunshine that makes fall lovely:)

And pretty soon, I’ve slipped into the middle of winter without even realizing it. The days are darker, the world is colder, I spend more time being wet, but it turns out that it’s okay. Fall’s loveliness got me there, spring’s similar loveliness will get me out, and in the meantime, I will breathe deep of the watery air, blow my breath out around me in puffy little swirls, and be so, so happy to be alive and in the world.

I fricken love my bike.