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Tomorrow is Breakfast on the Bridge–Superhero Edition!

Sadly, I won’t be there (though happily, because I’ll be in Eugene:), but head down to the Steel, Hawthorne, or Burnside bridges tomorrow between 7 and 9am for some free coffee and treats. And superheroes!!

(Yes, this is the Breakfast on the Bridge version of Halloween:)

Tardy slips are available:)

I’m back! Time for Breakfast on the Bridge!

I’m back from Glacier! Needless to say, it was pretty darn amazing, in no small part because of this kind of thing:

grizzly(okay, that particular bear was from Alaska a few years ago. But I did see a bunch of grizzlies:)

But more later in a real post. The important thing of note this evening is that Breakfast on the Bridge is tomorrow! If you want to hear all about Glacier in person, before the internet world (or if you just want some free coffee and pastries), come hang out with me on the Steel Bridge sometime between 7 and 9am! If all goes according to tonight’s elaborate baking scheme, I’ll even have vegan/gluten-free muffins to share!

I’m psyched! If there’s anything better than crazy amazing adventure, it’s crazy amazing adventure followed by getting back to your favorite city in the world! :)

Happy birthday!

I just realized that BikePortland and I have the same birthday! Although it’s significantly younger than I am:)

Happy birthday to one of my favorite bike resources in Portland!

Breakfast on the Bridge–EVERY Friday in June!

It’s June! Not only does that mean it’s time for Pedalpalooza, more bike craziness than you’ll ever know what to do with, but ALSO that Breakfast on the Bridge is every Friday!


Last week, it looked like this:

Breakfast on the Steel Bridge(check out that SUNSHINE!:)

Tomorrow’s weather looks to be even better than last week, so it’s sure to be a rockin’ good time. And, unlike last week when I got up all bleary-eyed and tired after having ridden the Applegate 600k over the two previous days, tomorrow I’ll actually be there sparkly, spunky, early, and with muffins!

Steel and Hawthorne bridges, 7-9am(ish). Come play! :)