Daily Archives: July 21, 2013

Bikes get ripped off, but most people are still awesome

Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I’m realizing that though I’m missing half my poor bikey, I’m still pretty darn lucky. Why? A bunch of reasons:

  • Ultimately, it’s fixable. I still have my frame and many parts; I can rebuild from that and still feel like it’s the same bike
  • If I have to rebuild my bike, I’d rather it be because parts were stolen than because I got squished by a car
  • Again, though I have a huge emotional attachment to this bike, it is, after all, a bike. No one was actually harmed in the stealing of my bike parts.
  •  I’ve had this bike for almost 9 years now and this is the worst that’s ever happened to it. I’d say that’s actually a pretty good track record

Though it feels like a violation, though I spent a good while wondering how many bike parts in the world (especially those floating around on Craigslist) are stolen, though I spent a while trying to determine if everyone I saw on a bike or otherwise was a thief, that’s just ridiculous. Having something stolen doesn’t change the fact that inherently, I still believe that most people are good.

And the best thing? The best thing is the people that all along have been proving that to me. Deb from the Hollywood Farmers Market not only gave me a ride to my house post-theivery but also gave me a ride to her house, to pick up her road bike that she lent me indefinitely–until I get myself back up and running, she said. That’s way beyond the call of duty and has made life so much easier since I can still get myself around.

My friend Mark at Upcycles is helping me find used parts and order new ones with his magical bike-shop ordering skillz, and we’ll have a put-my-bike-back-together party whenever everything’s ready.

And many of you have emailed, called, or commented here, which makes me feel less lonely somehow. I’m not sure why having stuff stolen would make me feel lonely, but it kind of did. Perhaps because it seems like if someone’s stealing from you it must mean that they have no regard for your feelings at all, which is sort of lonely. I don’t know. But thanks to all of you making me feel better:)

I’m still kind of sad about my bikey, but it’s okay. People are still awesome.