Daily Archives: July 17, 2013

Bicycling tragedy

So this just happened and I haven’t really had time to do too much digesting of it or anything, but in the two hours that I was in a board meeting for the Hollywood Farmers Market–which happens in a church, mind you–my bike was pillaged.

Someone cut all the cables, stole the handlebars and took the back wheel. The front one was locked. In the scheme of things, at least I still have my frame, my front wheel, my brakes (sans cables, of course), my seat, and most of my drivetrain, though of course lacking my handlebars means I’m also lacking my brake/shifters. I don’t even have my camera to take a picture of it, since my camera’s on a rafting adventure with James right now.

Mostly what I’ve done is cry a little, call the non-emergency police number (entirely unhelpful), and gotten a ride home as well as a mini bike to borrow from one of my fellow board members. Now I guess I figure out what else to do. I’d welcome any thoughts.

I’m very, very sad about this. I know ultimately it’s just a material thing and whatever, but it fricken sucks. I guess I watch craigslist to see if my shit shows up? But ultimately just suck it up and realize that I’m going to have to put a shit-ton more money into this bike?

The huge bummer is that I just bought those wheels and just did a whole bunch of work on that bike in general. And that my only means of transportation is fubar. And that I fricken love that bike and it feels like such a violation, somehow. Sigh.