Daily Archives: May 22, 2013

The hazard of spring bike trips in Oregon

Oh, Oregon.

It’s true–both these pictures are from the same 3-day bike trip:

stasia bike trip contrast

On Monday when I left, it was a good 70 degrees and sunny. The next two days? Rain, rain, rain. And cold. I guess in this picture I hadn’t put on my beanie and extra sweatshirt layer yet:)

Knowing Oregon, of course I’d packed for the inevitable wet and cold. But still. When I biked past a bank in Estacada today with one of those time/thermometer signs, I was a little incensed to see that it read 45 degrees.

Fun dualities: for the last hour or so before I made it home today, with my hands so wet and numb that I couldn’t even reliably shift gears, I could still, from two days before, feel the heat radiating from a sunburn on my back.

Like I said, this is the hazard of springtime travel in Oregon:)